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Our brief

Greenwood is a market leader in smart ventilation solutions for the new build and refurbishment residential markets.  They have a very broad product range covering the full ventilation mix. This huge portfolio had been developed over many years and to suit emerging trends within house building.

Each product range had its own literature, including technical specs, pricing books, and sales guides.  Consequently, they found themselves in a situation where there was no single point of reference for every product in the portfolio. Continual requests from sales teams and customers for a handy product directory that covered everything on offer led to this project. We were really keen to get involved and solve their problem.


Evolution of a product directory

We wanted to create a single product directory that could be used by everyone. Whether a contractor on-site, or an electrical wholesaler, the guide should be a bible for all things Greenwood.

To meet this brief, the product directory needed to be small enough to fit into overalls. But it also needed to be comprehensive enough that no other product or pricing guides would be needed. This was a tough call considering they had over 1500 separate SKUs in their product range.

The copy had to be written and refined several times in order to fit to the strict template that we created. In the end, we were left with the precise amount of content necessary to explain the product – and not a single word more!


Looming deadline

The other key part to the brief was the deadline. The product directory had to be printed and posted to each of their customers in time for Greenwood’s annual price rise. Legal requirements regarding adequate notification of price increases meant the deadline was non-negotiable.

The finished product directory was 228 pages long – that’s a lot of proofreading! We requested wet proofs so we could be absolutely sure of the quality. Then, after a few more amends, we got it to print in the nick of time.

We were actually on holiday when the product directories were due back from the printers. We barely relaxed until we received the call from the client to say they had arrived, and they looked great. Phew!


Our client – Greenwood Airvac

Founded in 1879, Greenwood leads the way with the design, manufacture, and specification of smart ventilation systems.

Their wide product range offers solutions for high performance, energy efficient, and acoustically sound homes. We were pleased to be chosen to produce the product directory needed to engage their large customer base.

Please do get in touch with us if you need help with marketing materials for your product range.


10th January 2017


Graphic Design, Marketing Materials, Product Marketing