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Hi there! We are Nicola and Jim, two individuals with a passion for all things creative. One of us loves beautiful design; the other loves crafting content and analysing data.

“We believe in the power of compelling content writing and creative design to transform communication, as well as engage, impress, influence and excite people everywhere. Effective design and strong relationships come from collaboration. We’re excited to start that relationship with you.”

Hi there! We are Nicola and Jim, two individuals with a passion for all things creative. One of us loves beautiful design; the other loves crafting content and analysing data.

What makes us different?

We see the benefit in moving away from ‘the way it’s always been done’. Unlike the traditional marketing agency model, we call upon a network of autonomous specialists to create a bespoke, flexible project team as and when required.

Cloud technology innovations mean we don’t always have to be in the same room to collaborate effectively as a team. This means we can scale up and down as our clients and projects demand – keeping the margins low and the quality high.

With so many disciplines forming the modern marketing landscape, client briefs now call for an infinitely diverse list of specialities that few single agencies can provide.

With us at the helm providing project management and brand guardianship, as well as strategic and creative design leadership, we can call upon the talent required to solve each unique problem, rather than fit the solution around the particular competencies we have in-house.

Of course, between us we have the talent, experience and expertise to handle the day-to-day needs of our clients; but by embracing this cooperative model, we can offer the ultimate one-stop-shop without the overheads of a brick and mortar agency with full time employees.

Our Story


Prismatic was started by Jim in 2009. Since then, he has worked on hundreds of projects for an assortment of clients across a wide range of industries; most of whom are still calling on him today for his creative design talents.


An opportunity to change to the offering was spotted when Jim started getting more and more requests for content writing and research alongside his creative design briefs. His clients wanted a full range of marketing services, but only wanted to have one point of contact.

So Nicola joined Prismatic Design & Marketing in early 2017, bringing with her a wealth of experience from over 12 years as a product marketer. Her research, content writing, positioning and project management skills were just what was needed to fill the gap in the offer.


Nicola now ensures the smooth running of campaigns and is primarily responsible for the close management of client relations. She coordinates the resources needed to service projects and keeps Jim endlessly entertained with her desk dancing!

Hi! I'm Nicola Webster and I take care of the content writing and data analysis for Prismatic Design & Marketing

Nicola Webster

Marketing Director

Likes: Spicy food, craft gin, every dog in the world, and edge-of-the-seat horror films. Dislikes: Animals in clothes, eggs, bad manners, and rom-coms. Life motto: Do your best, so you can’t blame yourself for anything.

Hi! I'm Jim Hine and I take care of the creative design for Prismatic Design & Marketing

Jim Hine

Creative Director

Likes: 6 music, art galleries, golf, painting, cooking, and growing fruit and veg. Dislikes: Inconsiderate driving, noisy pubs, tasteless tomatoes, and too much close-up dialogue in TV dramas. Life motto: You do you!

We offer three key disciplines to help our clients with their challenges and opportunities.


"We worked with Prismatic Design & Marketing on several projects. Our briefs usually involved very technical, sometimes scientific ideas to explain to customer and sales teams. They approached this with illustrations which were always excellent. They took time to understand the concepts so that we never needed to spend time on several iterations. The graphics were actually implemented by several group companies globally and the diagrams used at their local exhibitions. They also helped the UK sales team get their heads around some new and difficult concepts."

Zehnder Product Marketing Team
Sussex Community Development Association

"As a local charity it has been important to have a creative marketing agency that understands how we work, what our priorities are and also that cost is important. Prismatic has been excellent. They have worked closely with us in producing a number of significant publications including Annual Reports and leaflets, responding flexibly to new deadlines and changes in content to design a professional and effective end result."

Lynda Clements Executive Administrator
Lewes District Council

"Our Regeneration & Investment team has been working with Prismatic Design & Marketing over the past two years. The role that they have played in the success of key strategic projects cannot be understated. Prismatic have shown themselves to be an emerging and innovative company providing excellent service with a fantastic level of responsiveness to our ever-changing needs. I would not hesitate to recommend Jim and Nicola for first rate design, understanding briefs and the ability to explain design issues in plain English."

Peter Sharp Regeneration Manager
Greenwood Airvac

"For both printed and digital media, Prismatic Design & Marketing worked closely with us and did a great job of understanding corporate guidelines and coming up with ideas on how to communicate difficult technical issues in a simple and understandable way. Their commitment to seeing each project through helped us achieve difficult projects, in time and on budget."

Glen Warren Marketing Manager
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