JUJU e-liquids product branding


Our brief

JUJU eLiquids was our first end-to-end product branding and marketing project for Vape Town. The brief involved creating a brand for a new e-liquid range. The project was to provide everything necessary to bring the range to market, including naming, design and packaging. We were thrilled to get another opportunity to bring a new product to market from scratch.

The flavours were already created, so we knew what we were working with. The initial range consisted of 13 unique flavours, from juicy fruits to decadent desserts, and everything in-between. With no overall link between the flavours, we could approach the naming of the brand from a different angle. We considered the number of flavours – what relates to the number 13? From there we went from unlucky to superstitious, to lucky charms, and arrived at JUJU.


JUJU was born

We started by researching the history of lucky charms. Working through the myriad items considered lucky by cultures across the globe, we created a shortlist. This was narrowed to those that would make clever and creative characters, and started sketching out what they could look like. We definitely didn’t want the characters to be literal and obvious, so illustration was key. Plus we wanted to tie each character in with its flavour somehow.

As each JUJU character developed, we worked them into the packaging. We selected bold colour options to ensure that the whole range would stand out on the clients’ shelves in-store. Various aspects of each character were highlighted with a spot UV finish during the print process. On the shelves, this really picks up the light and adds a premium feel to the packaging.

The range has proved to be incredibly successful, and the product branding is highly disruptive against the other vaping brands that they stock. Normally, with e-liquid, it would be the quality of the flavour that receives comments from customers. However, with JUJU, the characters get a lot of positive recognition as well. We like to think this is testament to the love and care that went into creating every single one.


Our client – Vape Town

Vape Town is one of the UK’s leading vaping outlets. With 13 stores across southern England, and a busy e-commerce store, their commitment to quality products led them to the decision to manufacture their own premium e-liquids.

JUJU is one of the excellent, popular ranges that they have produced. We were proud to be chosen as the marketing agency to bring it to life!

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23rd August 2016


Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Packaging Design