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Finding the right Brighton web design agency

Choosing the right agency to handle such an important task as your online presence can be daunting. With so many options out there – from freelance web designers to enterprise level agencies – how do you narrow it down? When the time came to update the Student Brighton web design, that was the problem they faced.


Being a long established Brighton company themselves, they knew they wanted to keep it local. In addition, only having a very small team meant that they had little time to deal with the project. They needed to work with someone they could trust with their brand, and trust to manage the project on their behalf with as little input required as possible.


Having worked with our Creative Director in the past on branding and marketing materials, Student Brighton’s MD was already confident that we were passionate about design. After some initial discussions about how we saw the new site evolving, and our thoughts on SEO strategy, he decided that we were the right agency to deliver his vision.


WordPress Web Design

We selected an established WordPress theme in order to keep the development costs to a minimum, thereby allowing more time within the budget for bespoke web design and on-page SEO.


Another key reason for our choice was our confidence in responsive WordPress templates. Our research showed that the majority of his site traffic was coming from mobile devices (not surprising given the target audience is students). Designing from a mobile first perspective was therefore crucial; and having a stable responsive template to work from cut significant testing time from the project.


Additionally, the ability to link plugins was essential to add required functionality without contracting development resource. The Student Brighton web design needed to incorporate translation for their international audience, as well as extensive, secure form fields for completing contracts. The WordPress plugin repository allowed us to achieve all of that at the touch of a button.


Bespoke web design enhancements

Having some of the key development challenges taken care of gave us more time to create bespoke design elements.  


We created a custom, interactive map which oriented all of the Student Brighton properties in relation to the various campuses across the city.


Individual icons were designed to quickly convey the features that each property had to offer. This simple extra touch has proven really useful for their international market; greatly reducing enquiries, and saving the team a lot of admin time.


A stylish student accommodation website

The Student Brighton web design project was a creative joy to work on. The brand is slick and the bold colour palette offered plenty of opportunity to create engaging web pages.


Although content writing services weren’t part of the project, on-page SEO required us to adapt their content to meet the keyword strategy we had devised. This has resulted in Student Brighton regaining their number 1 ranking position for over 30 key search terms (so far)!


If you need help with a website design or SEO project, please do get in touch with us – you don’t have to be from Brighton! We would love to get involved and enhance your online presence.



11th July 2018


SEO, Web Design