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Finding a website partner

Website content writing can be a daunting task – especially when you’re effectively starting from scratch and you also have a busy company to run. So when Tagit made the decision to redevelop their outdated website, they wanted an agency that could handle the entire project.


They were unwilling to approach new clients with their existing site as they felt that it would send a negative impression. Therefore, speed with the project was important so the could start targeting prospects as soon as possible.


Based in East Sussex, and living in Brighton, they wanted to work with a local agency so that meetings could be scheduled quickly when decisions needed to be made. They also preferred the idea of working with a smaller agency to reduce the number of points of contact; and so they could get to know the people that would actually be working on their new site.


So, after some exploratory phone calls and meetings, Tagit selected Prismatic to handle their website content writing, web design, development, and SEO.


Choosing a web theme

Our Marketing Director got on with the initial phase of research and analysis, which enables us to take a content first approach to website projects. This gave us the opportunity to test (and discard) a number of portfolio themes until we all agreed on the one that offered the greatest combination of style and functionality.


We decided to work with a WordPress theme in order to keep the development costs to a minimum, thereby allowing more time within the budget for design, website content writing, and SEO.


Our Creative Director worked extremely closely with Tagit during the project to ensure that there was a clear direction for required product photography within the chosen template. They would often spend entire mornings working side by side; making tweaks to code, fonts and colours, until the final framework was established.


Website content writing

Once our Marketing Director was satisfied with the keyword list from her market and competitor research, the website content writing began in earnest.


Tagit’s previous website was heavily product focused, which had not lent itself well to content as there was a lot of repetition in the portfolio. Our suggested approach was to use case studies, rather than products, to explain what they do. Each case study would highlight a particular problem that their clients would likely face, and explain how Tagit can solve it.


We also suggested that a journal style blog section would be the perfect place to capture packaging ideas and innovations that didn’t lend themselves to a case study. Obviously, the other advantage of the blog being regular content updates to keep the search engines happy.


All in all, the website content writing part of the project included six website pages, six case studies, four initial blogs, three policies, and two sales emails.


The key to getting these done quickly and accurately was taking the time in the research phase to learn about all about Tagit; their products, their organisation, their customers, and their competitors.


An elegant portfolio website

Their new website looks clean and classy, and is already gaining ground on search terms that they’d never ranked for before. Our performance and optimisation work post live has made it super speedy and, unlike their previous site, it works beautifully across device.


Writing website content was the main challenge for this project, but in the end all aspects have come together to produce an engaging and cohesive website that Tagit are now proud to show to prospective clients.


Our comprehensive keyword research in the beginning means that there is lots of room for scope in the journal section. It will be really rewarding to keep adding new content and watching their results improve further.


If you need help with a website content writing, design or SEO project, please do get in touch with us. We would love to get involved and enhance your online presence.


11th July 2018


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