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Taking on a Brighton design project


We’re thrilled whenever we get the opportunity to work on a new creative project. In particular, as Brightonians, a Brighton design project is exciting for us. So, imagine how giddy we were when asked to create artist impressions for the significant Save Madeira Terrace campaign!


Brighton & Hove City Council needed engaging visuals that would encompass their strong vision for a bustling new Brighton quarter. The illustrations would accompany their latest bid submission to Heritage Lottery Fund to secure funding for the first phase, involving the restoration of 68 of the iconic Madeira Terrace arches.


Our selection to deliver the visuals came off the back of our successful collaboration with Fiona Atkinson, the Landscape Architect responsible for delivering the designs for the regeneration of Brighton seafront. Our designs were used during the planning phase, and to help passersby visualise the space around the British Airways i360 during construction.


Our approach


It was important to showcase the extent of the project that BHCC were looking to undertake. Following initial consultations with the project team and the architect to fully understand the scope, we visited the area armed with our camera equipment.


The first 68 arches fill the half mile space between the Brighton Palace Pier and Concorde 2. Using the Brighton music venue as a base, we shot down towards the pier to capture all elements; the arches, the green wall, the promenade, Madeira Drive, the beach and the Volks Railway were all in the frame.


The chosen photograph was imported into our 3D software so we could start to rebuild the image from scratch while maintaining accurate scale and perspective. This also allowed us to play around with camera angles to create an immersive visual from the viewer’s perspective.


Restoring the iconic Madeira Terrace arches


A single arch was painstakingly redrawn to showcase how the restoration project will take them back to their former glory, without losing any of the Victorian charm. All of the original features are within the scope, down to the mythical figureheads that provide the centrepiece to each arch.


Once all involved were happy with this singular arch, it could be duplicated along the entire length of the visual, creating a compelling impression. Then came the fun task of placing businesses inside each of the arches. Of course, the brands are fictional at this stage; but the business types help to give a real sense of the attractions that will be available in the new quarter.


Creating a Brighton atmosphere


The restoration project balances the need for an accessible public realm, as well as the ability to stage the events that Madeira Drive is currently known for, such as the Veteran Car Run.


Our images use the space between the arches and the beach to visualise tracks for running and cycling, as well as a meandering ‘road’ that can alternate between pedestrian and traffic bearing when required. This snake like driveway is both visually appealing, and allows ample safe spaces for sitting and meeting areas.


As well as tourists, the new quarter is firmly designed with residents in mind. Creating a bustling atmosphere was important; but, as with any Brighton design project, it was essential to ensure that the people in the visual typified the creative and inclusive feeling that Brighton is so brilliantly famous for.


Keeping Brighton green!


As well as the Victorian arches, the green wall is the other iconic element of Madeira Terrace. In fact, it is the oldest of its kind in the country, and restoring it is firmly featured in the regeneration plans.


We wanted to make sure that we visualised the green wall as it would have looked in its heyday. Building Green, an organisation that works with BHCC, work hard to maintain the natural heritage of the wall. The restoration project aims to ensure that it is fully renovated back to its former glory.


Let’s go to the prom!


One part of the Brighton design project that is still up for discussion is the promenade. Currently unusable in the majority of places due to safety concerns, the raised promenade above Madeira Terrace offers a unique vantage point for spectators of the many events that happen on Madeira Drive; as well as an amazing vista of the seascape and a safe walking or jogging route away from the main road.


Until more is know, our visual showcases the promenade as originally intended. However, there is speculation that beach huts or pop-up businesses could line the famous walkway to help with the overall funding of the restoration. We can’t wait to find out the final plans!


What happens next?


The outstanding crowdfunding efforts of the Save Madeira Terrace campaign mean that work can begin in earnest on restoring the first three arches closest to the Brighton Palace Pier. If you go down there to check it out, you will be able to see our artist impression blown up on the hoardings that will surround the construction. We’re excited about seeing them in-situ, and we’re really looking forward to this vital Brighton design project getting underway! We’ll be posting the latest news as it happens.


If you need help with artist impressions or a creative visuals project, please do get in touch with us – you don’t have to be from Brighton! We would love to get involved and enhance your venture.



4th October 2018


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