Ensign Independent Financial Advisor


Our brief

There is a variety of ways that we are approached to create a new brand identity for a client.

Some clients, particularly start-ups, want us to help them develop branding with no true idea of what the end result will be. In those instances, we work closely with the client to determine what they consider to be their brand personality. Who are their customers going to be? How do they want to be perceived by their customers? What is the value they are trying to bring to the market? This is all before we even try to develop the components of a brand.

On other occasions, the client already has a very clear sense of who they are and how they want their business to be perceived. They know their goals, they know their market, and they know their audience. It’s then our job to build their brand identity, and ensure the components of that brand accurately reflect their vision.

Very occasionally, as was the case with Ensign, the client also know exactly what they want their branding to ‘look like’. They simply need someone to help them bring their brand identity to life.


Portraying brand identity

Ensign is a start-up run by an Independent Financial Advisor fresh out of a long career in the British Navy. His pride in his service led to the clear vision for his new company. He had sailed under the Red Ensign throughout his life, and wanted to continue serving the public under it for the next phase of his career.

Our role was to take the British Red Ensign and create a brand that projected the right image for a financial institution in the 21st century. One that is contemporary, yet extremely professional.

While people say, “never judge a book by its cover”, you shouldn’t underestimate the impact your branding’s visual elements have on consumers. With Ensign, we wanted the public perception of brand image to be one of an established and trustworthy company.

We achieved this by applying a level of discipline and restraint to the design. This ensured that the logo was consistent and cohesive with the tone and personality of the brand.


Our client – Ensign Independent Financial Advisors

Ensign is a start-up financial institution that specialises in independent mortgage and pension advice. We are always pleased to be chosen to help new companies create branding and bring their vision to life. Please do get in touch if you would like our help with your next design project.


11th January 2017


Brand Identity, Graphic Design