Field Bar

Field Bar Wines and Meads


Our brief

Field Bar is an exciting, award winning small business that creates fruit and flower wines in their micro-winery. We were asked to help them with their brand identity design as they were starting out and perfecting their flavours. The wines would be sold online, but primarily their target audience was at food markets.

It was immediately obvious to us that the brand identity design needed to reflect the homemade, local feel of the product range. It is extremely important to the client that their wines be perceived as fresh, and that the ingredients be shown to be homegrown or locally sourced.


Building the brand identity design

Field Bar started in the heart of The Cotswolds, and we felt it important to incorporate this in some way. We tried various techniques until we discovered that the rolling hill landscape worked really well with a lithography or screen print effect. From here, we could then use blends within the unique elements of the illustrations to control how they sat on the background.

Colour was used to demonstrate two key propositions. Firstly, it denotes the flavour and represents freshness. Secondly, it shows variety, which is a very important visual cue on the shelf to show that there is something for every taste.

The result is an elegant brand that, alongside the key elements of brand identity design, also showcases experience and skill. This is key with a start-up that the business can immediately look established.


Our client – Field Bar Wine

Field Bar Wine produce and sell a range of wines made from delicious, locally picked and grown ingredients. They have developed a range of wines made from all manner of fruit and flowers like Strawberry and Elderflower. Their range is constantly expanding and evolving.

We’re always excited to be selected by a new business for brand identity design and to help bring their vision to life. Please get in touch if you would like our help.


10th May 2017


Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Packaging Design