The Chilli Orchard

The Chilli Orchard Conserves


Our brief

For the past 10 years, the founders of The Chilli Orchard have been growing their own produce and producing their own conserves and sauces for friends and family. As demand grew, they recognised an opportunity for building their own business from their tasty, fiery condiments.

We were asked to create a new brand for this fledgling business so that they could start taking their products to market. Their surname and their chosen key ingredients lent themselves to a new brand. And so, The Chilli Orchard was born.


Creating a hot new brand

The initial product range consisted of three different chilli conserves, as well as various chutneys and sauces. But the chilli jam was definitely the focus for the branding as the flavours were outstanding and proving really popular with food festival patrons.

The majority of competitive brands that we researched were extremely masculine and in-your-face. We wanted to buck the trend and make this new brand classy; focusing on the homegrown and hand produced properties, as well as the wide variety of organic ingredients.

We used colour and illustration to denote heat in order to create a visual cue at a busy festival stall. Everything was positioned on clean white background and printed using uncoated, textured labels which provided a premium feel. The chillies within the illustrations were highlighted during the print process using foils.


Our client – The Chilli Orchard

The Chilli Orchard is a small start-up, based just outside Brighton, that specialises in tasty homemade chilli conserves and sauces. Their wide varieties of chillies are all organically homegrown, and they use only the finest ingredients to complement the heat.

Their products are selling well and new recipes are being developed all the time.

We are always pleased to be chosen to help new companies create a new brand and bring their vision to life. Please get in touch if you would like our help.


12th August 2017


Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Packaging Design